FAQ 01

Q: After online update the "Save Period" box is empty  image46.

A: The toolbar must be reset. Please klick with the right mouse button into the blue area of the menu bar, choose "Customize". Then select the "Simulation" toolbar and press the reset button.


Please close PC-Crash and start again.

Q: The blue USB dongle is not recognized using Windows 8.1.

Please find below a tutorial how to install the dongle driver in 8.1.

Download Tutorial (PDF)

If you don`t have the dongle driver on your installation DVD, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q: After online update an error message appears and PC-Crash cannot get started.

A: It seems that the internet connection was interrupted and not all files could be copied. Please reverse the update by using the command prompt by executing the following steps:

Open command prompt and enter the following commands in the window:

updater undo01

  1. cd "space-key" \ "return-button"  for reaching directory C:\ .
  2. cd "space-key" "Program Files (x86)\PCCrashXX" "return-key" for reaching PC-Crash installation directory. This directory can be different depending on installation.
    To search a directory using the command prompt, enter: cd "space-button" and the first letters of the desired directory, after that click through the suggested directories by using the "tab key", until the desired directory is reached. Then use the "return-key" and repeat the command until you have reached the subdirectory.
  3. updater.exe"space-key" -restore "return-key" to reverse the update. 

A window appears and after pressing the  "Restore'' key, the update is reversed.

updater undo

If the green bar has stopped on the right side, use the  ``Close'' button and PC-Crash can be opened in the previous version.



Q: When starting PC-Crash an error message appears: "d3dx9_37.dll"

A:  Install DirectX from PC-Crash DVD: Disk1\DirectX\DXSETUP.exe