The Dr. Steffan Datentechnik GmbH  was founded in 1990 as a software developing company by Dr. Hermann Steffan. 

At the beginning its main task was the development of software for accident reconstruction - PC-Crash- which is used all over the world with several thousands of licenses.

During his work at the University of Technology in Graz Dr. Steffan was involved as an expert in many international research projects dealing with automotive passive safety.  Further activities in biomechanics, calculations for structural mechanics and multi-body simulations followed. Sled tests and full scale crash tests have been performed for validation and research purposes.

In 1998 DSD started the development of new testing devices for crash evaluation.
The first device developed by DSD was the catapult type sled “HyperG”, which is based on a completely new concept which first time allows closed loop control. In the meanwhile several additional testing devices have been developed.
The permanent leadership and membership in several national and international research projects and the work as expert for car accidents keeps the DSD experience in automotive active safety as well as in passive safety up to date.
Software Development Mainly for Accident Reconstruction:
More than 4500 Offices and about 6000 installations world wide, show, that the software package PC-Crash has developed as one of the major tools for accident reconstruction. In addition DSD performs more than 1000 accident reconstructions, for court and scientific use, annually.

Development of Crashtest Facilities:

Several crashtest facilities have been developed by DSD like intrusion simulation device, the UFO (Ultraflat Overrunable Robot for experimental ADAS Testing), or a FMH test device were developed by DSD between 1999 and 2017. This department of the company was sold in early 2018.


In our own crash site near Linz, Fullscale-crashtests with trucks up to 40 tons are carried out.